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Dentures Specialist

Tucker Family Dental

Danny Jeon, DMD

Dentist located in Tucker, GA

Tucker, GA residents who feel self-conscious about their missing teeth can smile again with the help of custom dentures. Tucker Family Dental dentist, Dr. Danny Jeon, helps patients to re-create their former smile with dentures and a wide variety of other dental solutions.

Dentures Q & A

Who Needs to Get Dentures?

People who have multiple missing teeth -- or even no teeth at all -- are often ideal candidates for dentures. Partial dentures can replace small groups of teeth while full dentures replace all of the teeth in the mouth. Dentures can help restore the look of the face, helping you avoid that "sunken in" look that happens with multiple missing teeth. Dentures can also allow you to eat normally again. Many people who have missing teeth have problems with speaking normally, and dentures often solve this problem. For some people, the worst part of having missing teeth is not feeling that they are able to smile. Dentures can allow you to smile with confidence again.

What is the Process For Getting Dentures?

The dentist will need to make molds of your mouth to create a type of blueprint for the creation of the dentures. The dentures will be fabricated by a lab that specializes in dental devices, using these precise measurements so that a perfect fit can be achieved. The base of the dentures is a very durable acrylic material that is still flexible enough to adhere to the gums. The porcelain or plastic replacement teeth are anchored into individual slots in the base.

How do You Take Care of Dentures?

Every patient will receive a denture care guide that they can follow at home. The main thing to remember about denture care is that it is not all that different from taking good care of your natural teeth. You need to practice good oral hygiene, even though you may no longer have natural teeth. The dentures will typically need cleaning daily, and they can be flossed and cared for much like natural teeth. Many people soak their dentures overnight in a special solution to keep them clean.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Tucker Family Dental, our goal is patient satisfaction. We strive to make every service achievable and affordable for all patients. We also gladly accept CareCredit and Lending Club Patient Solutions. For more information about our insurance policies or payment methods, please call our office at (678) 937-9601.

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