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Tooth Extraction Specialist

Tucker Family Dental

Danny Jeon, DMD

Dentist located in Tucker, GA

Tucker Family Dental's Dr. Danny Jeon has been helping local Tucker, GA area patients with tough dental problems like Tooth Extraction for over a decade. Whether you need help with tooth decay or tooth enhancement, we're here to help.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

What are the Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions?

The most common reason for tooth extraction is periodontal disease or other traumatic damage. When a tooth is so severely decayed or otherwise damaged that restoration simply isn't possible, an extraction may be the best option. Another reason that people often need to get tooth extraction is commonly called "crowded mouth." This is especially common in children or adolescents who are being prepared for orthodontic devices like braces. A crowded mouth means that there are simply too many teeth in the mouth to allow the necessary adult teeth to erupt, or that the teeth are too large for the mouth. When a tooth is seriously infected to the point that antibiotics and root canal therapy cannot cure it, the tooth often needs to be extracted to prevent that infection from spreading to the rest of the mouth.

What Happens During the Tooth Extraction Process?

The dentist will first make sure that the patient receives enough numbing medication to numb the entire area where the extraction will be done. The dentist will then use dental forceps to remove the tooth from the socket. After that, the dentist will put gauze over the hole, and have you bite on it to help stop the blood flow. In some cases, the dentist may place a couple of small stitches to close the gum edges

What is the Recovery Process For Tooth Extraction?

Individual recovery instructions will be provided by the dentist, as each case can be unique. Generally, you'll need to give the extraction site a few days to heal up. During that time, you can take pain medication to lessen any discomfort. Ice packs may also be helpful. Avoid hard foods for the first few days, and avoid smoking as it can slow the healing. The dentist may prescribe antibiotics, and it is important that you finish those completely to keep infection at bay.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Tucker Family Dental, our goal is patient satisfaction. We strive to make every service achievable and affordable for all patients. We also gladly accept CareCredit and Lending Club Patient Solutions. For more information about our insurance policies or payment methods, please call our office at (678) 937-9601.

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