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Veneers Specialist

Tucker Family Dental

Danny Jeon, DMD

Dentist located in Tucker, GA

Tucker, GA residents who are unhappy with their stained, chipped or damaged teeth may find that Veneers are the best solution. Dr. Danny Jeon of Tucker Family Dental can create customized solutions to troublesome tooth problems.

Veneers Q & A

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is an ultra thin strip of porcelain, fashioned in the exact image of your existing natural tooth. The veneer is attached to the front of the tooth permanently for the purpose of smile correction. The existing tooth underneath the veneer will be completely concealed, so all imperfections will be impossible to see anymore.

What Teeth Issues Are Veneers Needed For?

Cracked and chipped teeth can be concealed with veneers. Veneers can also conceal gaps in between teeth. Permanently discolored teeth that cannot be improved by professional teeth whitening, such as teeth darkened by antibiotic medicines, may be good candidates for veneers. Most cosmetic issues can be addressed with veneers.

Will Veneers Blend in With Your Other Teeth?

A veneer is not only made in the size and shape of the tooth that it covers, but also in the color of the teeth around it. The dentist will match the shade of your existing teeth precisely to the new veneer to make sure that it blends in perfectly. If you are unhappy with the current whiteness of your teeth, the dentist will do a dental teeth whitening before the veneer is made, then match the veneer to the newly whitened teeth. Veneers will not change shade, so it is important to keep your teeth healthy to match the shade of the veneer.

How Are Veneers Put on the Teeth?

The dentist will first need to remove a very small amount of teeth enamel, usually around 0.5 mm or less, before the veneer can be placed. The dentist will then apply a thin coat of dental resin to the tooth. This is typically a light-sensitive type of cement that can be cured into placed using a white light. This creates an extremely strong bond that will keep the veneers in place.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Tucker Family Dental, our goal is patient satisfaction. We strive to make every service achievable and affordable for all patients. We also gladly accept CareCredit and Lending Club Patient Solutions. For more information about our insurance policies or payment methods, please call our office at (678) 937-9601.

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