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Implant Maintenance

Taking care of dental implants is just as important as taking care of natural teeth, especially if you want to maintain their appearance and longevity.

How to Maintain Your Implants

Daily implant care is very similar to normal dental care – implants must be kept clean and free of plaque using regular brushing and flossing techniques, and you must regularly visit your dentist for a professional exam and cleaning.

Daily Routine

Clean your implants thoroughly at least twice a day, especially after meals. Make sure you are using the following oral hygiene tools as recommended:

If your dentist recommends, you may also need an inter-dental brush to remove plaque between your implants. Be sure to consult with your dentist regularly for an accurate assessment of your daily hygiene habits.

Dentist Visits

Regular visits to your dentist are also an essential part of your implant maintenance routine. It’s best to see your dentist every three to six months so they can examine and clean your teeth, assess your implants and gums and perform an annual x-ray.

Replacing Implants

If maintained correctly in ideal conditions, implants can last a lifetime without needing replacement. However, complications can occur, especially if an implant is placed in a high-stress area or if the patient suffers from a pre-existing medical condition like diabetes or cancer. Failure is especially likely if the patient fails to maintain a consistent cleaning routine – this can lead to bleeding, infection and progressive bone loss. In many cases, the implant and its components can be replaced, though this depends largely on the circumstances and health of the patient’s bone and tissue.

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